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Production and Post

The process of recording audio is called production. What happens after production is called post-production. Common terms include the post, sweetening, wet audio. It all means something is being done to the audio to make it better or different. Conversely, you can leave the audio alone, in the industry known as flat, dry or raw audio. Flat and dry mean much the same. There are differences however between flat and raw. Raw means nothing done to it at all, no mistakes edited, no breaths taken out. Flat or dry means the editing work has been done, but no processing has been done. And depending on the circumstance, the pace of the audio may need to change, music and/or sound effects (SFX) may need to be added or video syncopation may need to be done. That is all part of the post-production.

When you work with me, I discuss exactly what your needs are and how you wish your voice-over audio to be presented to you.

I also offer post-production services for audio recorded by voice talent other than myself.

And I do realize that time is money, so I balance my work ethic of meticulous post-production with the client's need to stay on budget.

On this page I have some examples of production and post-production that I have recently done.  While I have done a variety of voice work, these happen to be TV and radio spots.

American Woman Fitness Play
Chef To Go Weight Loss Play
Horizon Alliance Kamloops 1 Play
Horizon Alliance Kamloops 2 Play
Ballard Blossom Play
Underground Tour Play
UBuild IT - TV Play
Thomasville - TV Play
Urban Interiors - TV Play
Continental/Thomasville Sale - TV Play
Hearthside Home - TV Play
New Face Kitchens - TV Play
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