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Narration takes many forms:  corporate, entertainment, business marketing, audio books, are but a few.  In my performance, I like to find that balance between monotonous droning and over-heated melodrama. But, as with any of my work, I want to meet the client's needs. 

Ent/History Narration Play
Corp/Tech Narration Play

With any narration, it is important to convey confidence and clarity in the delivery.  It defeats the purpose of narrative if the listener can't understand what is being said!

I can do narration from my professional off-site production facility. Then, through the method of your choice, get the product to you.  For example, I can send raw or finished product to my FTP site for downloading and your review.  I can also receive uploads from you via the same site.  Or, I can come to you at the production facility of your choice. 

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