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Script Writing

I love to write copy!  I have a few hard, fast rules about copywriting.  One, act like words cost money, you'll use fewer and that makes for better copy.  Two, a good, experienced voice talent knows how to use inflection instead of words...see rule one for why that's important.  It's easy to recognize poorly written copy, it either makes little sense or is "wordy" without saying anything...or both.  Good copy is crucial to any voice project no matter the subject.

While all of these samples happen to be commercial radio spots, that is only a small portion of what I do.  These are simply my most recent copywriting samples. 

American Woman Fitness Play
Chef To Go Weight Loss Play
Horizon Alliance Kamloops 1 Play
Horizon Alliance Kamloops 2 Play
Ballard Blossom Play
Underground Tour Play
Jaguar USA
(Talent - Sky Walker)
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